Leaping Frog


“Leaping Frog” is printed on 100% lightweight cotton or a polyester blend. This unique and versatile fabric is super soft and slinky. Featuring various colour and size options, it is printed in South Africa.


“Leaping Frog” is a quilt top that has already been completed and can be printed in many color variations. It was inspired by the leaping frog quilt block, and the thought of a frog jumping all over your quilt blocks.  You can envisage that right?  Like your cat or dog saying “hello, no time for quilting now”.  Ok, frogs are not slimy, so please don’t think of that…..I just put that image in your head, right?

Right, well clearly this is a very special quilt top for an amphibian loving person.  You know, the little boy or girl that loves the outdoors, and personally, I have my eye on one of these too.

“Leaping Frog” is printed on a 100% cotton piece or on a polyester blend.

The cotton is crisp and smooth, think 400 count sheets.  The silky is a polyester blend that is a soft, very silky and luxurious fabric with a slight sheen.

“Leaping Frog” is one layer of fabric that you could either quilt or use for other projects.  Use it as is, turn it into curtains, or a duvet cover.

You can read all about the printed fabric medium or contact me if you have any questions.


Cold wash, Do not dry clean, Gentle machine cycle, Mild detergent


100 % Cotton, Silky

Fabric Size

140 x 100 cm, 200 x 140cm


Frocket, Sprocket, Frelsa, Bushfrog, Frogotage, Frogfall


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