Let sleeping scirros lie


“Let sleeping scirros lie” is a scary scirros that has been woken up.  A scirros is an imaginary bird-like creature with a sharp scissor beak and eyes the size of scissor handles.  “Let sleeping scirros lie” is available in two sizes, a variety of colours and different fabric types.


“Let sleeping scirros lie” began as a closed scissor looking like a kiwi bird.  That’s right, the inspiration for this is a kiwi bird coaster that was a gift.  What followed, is a bird that cuts!

What is a scirros?

A scirros is an imaginary bird-like creature with a very sharp beak that opens sideways and likes to snap at fingers that gets too close to it.  This is an angry scirros that really just wanted to be left alone.

“Let sleeping scirros lie” is 140 x 140cm and has a double border allowing you to experiment with a variety of border designs.

Size and colour

“Let sleeping scirros lie” is a digitally printed fabric panel available as a 140 x 140cm piece.  Do you have some questions about this fabric?  Read all about it here.


Cold wash, Do not dry clean, Gentle machine cycle, Mild detergent, Tumble dry on low heat


100 % Cotton, Silky

Fabric Size

140 x 140 cm

Fabric colours

Navy, Purple, Orange, Nice, Purple, Rio, Spring


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