Oh my Bat!


“Oh my Bat!” is a beautiful line design with intricate details that will bring life to any quilt or machine embroidery project.

“Oh my Bat!” is a beautiful line design with intricate details that will bring any quilt or machine embroidery project to life.  Bats have a bad reputation because of Hollywood blockbusters and of course the whole vampire theme.  They’re actually quite beautiful creatures, and we can see them come out at dusk to catch the flying insects attracted to lamps and street lights.

Of course, I’ve had my fair share of fright from bats.  Most recent was on a holiday in St Lucia where they enjoyed hanging out on the mosquito net over the bed.  And there’s the fun memory of mom chasing a bat out of a holiday let way back in the 80’s with a tennis racket.  Rest assured, no harm came to the bat.  The same cannot be said for the tennis racket.

“Oh my Bat!” is available for the 8×12″ machine embroidery hoop.  The intricate details of the design don’t produce a good result on smoother hoops.

Add “Oh my Bat!” to a treat or tote bag for Halloween, and any animal lover will love a rectangular pillow with this guy on it.

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8" x 12"

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