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“On-the-mark” is a ruler that makes marking lines on your quilt super easy and super fast.  With the slots every ½”, and the engraved lines the same, you’ll be moving the engraved lines over your marked lines to get ¼” lines.  Quickly mark 6 lines at a time.

The ruler is 12″ long and 3½” wide.  It is made from ⅛” acrylic, right here in South Africa.

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“On the mark” is a ruler designed to help you mark accurate lines on your quilt, quickly.

It has slots at every ½” and then there are ¼” lines in between each slot so that you can move the ruler and make ¼” marks using the same slots.  The water-soluble marker works like a charm with it and so does a chalk pencil.

The ruler is 12″ long and 3½” wide.  It is made from ⅛” acrylic, so great for marking and cutting, not so great for quilting.

“On the mark” is the perfect marking ruler to create your own line designs with stencils and other templates.  And it’s the perfect partner to Tramlines.

Follow us on social media to see this ruler in action.  Here’s it in use on the Simply Feathers masterpiece 1.

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1 review for On the mark

  1. Christine (verified owner)

    Perfectly spaced, and accurate marking.

    • Aggie

      I’m glad you like it.

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