Quilter’s digital planner


Quilter’s Digital Planner is a pdf downloadable file created for a digital age with templates that quilters will find useful.

"Quilter’s Digital Planner" is something that I created for myself, as I am always looking for something to make a note in. I have been wanting to get my Filofax up to date, but I can’t find the refills locally. Even with the refill, it doesn’t quite measure up to what I am looking for.

My solution was to design my own, get it printed and add it to my binder. This posed my next issue, paper, and printing. And the Filofax is pretty bulky. I have enjoyed carrying over 100 books in my handbag thanks to Kindle, so why not the same with my planner?

Enter this little number. You will recognize the background from the Tangled printed quilt fabric.

I have included what I find useful:

  1. Monthly layout
  2. Weekly layout with a meal planner
  3. Goal setting
  4. Reading list
  5. Fabric library with space to add photos and notes (that’s why there is no background to this page)
  6. Pattern library also with photos and source links
  7. Project progress table
  8. Business quilter records
  9. Finances
  10. Doodles with plain, dot grid, and square grid
  11. Three blank tabs linked to sections where you can add your sections

The download file is in pdf so that you can import it to your annotation app, I am using GoodNotes. Each tab is linked to the section it relates to, and with your annotation app, you can easily add pages using the same template of that section.

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