Rainbow Drums


“Rainbow Drums” is a custom printed quilt top perfect for the quilter who likes to head straight to the quilt machine and skip patchwork all together.  And then, patchworkers can enjoy cutting out each shape and stitching them back together in an altogether original pattern.


“Rainbow Drums” is a selection of beautiful colours all in a drum shape, like bongo drums!  I started this as a colour test for the new silky fabric and fell in love.  I know that many of you also love it, which is why I’m making it available to purchase.

As with all the other custom printed quilt tops, you can get “Rainbow Drums” in both the 100% cotton and silky.  This printed quilt top is a lovely size for a throw at 200 x 140cm.

Of course, you can cut each of the drums and combine into a masterpiece of patchwork.  I still prefer the whole-cloth approach.  Quilt “Rainbow Drums” into a beautiful throw for a cool summer evening, or double up on the batting for a cold winter night.  The bright colours will bring joy at any time of the year.

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Cold wash, Do not dry clean, Gentle machine cycle, Mild detergent, Tumble dry on low heat


100 % Cotton, Silky

Fabric Size

200 x 140cm


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