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I have been quilting for some time, and many quilts have found homes without ever being photographed.
My style is eclectic, both in fabric design and quilting. I am influenced by the uniquely South African cultural and natural landscape and I feel a close affinity to nature. I also find that some quilts say what I can’t.

Baby quilt
Patchwork Line II finished quilt
Shwe Swhe
Santa Clause quilt
Medallion quilt 1

Music for Nathan

Music for Nathan
close up of guitar

Music for Nathan is a quilt I made for my son.  He loves music, and his only requirement was that I use lyrics from Five for Fighting.

The guitar is a trace of my own – originally I drew it out on EQ8, but lost the file when I reloaded my laptop!  The appliqué was done using appliqué paper and worked with a blanket stitch using my sewing machine.  The fabric has the look of African beadwork, and I did couching for the strings.  Buttons finish the detail of the guitar.

The words were outlined using computer software and then manually guided to colour with thread.  It is very dense, I used four bobbins before deciding it was enough – I could easily have carried on with that!

Finally, the negative space is filled with a pantograph and some free motion quilting.  The guitar is also quilted.

word detail

This is South Africa

This is South Africa

I am particularly proud of this quilt.  It shows some of the favourite tourist attractions in the country.  You can read the story behind the quilt here.


This is South Africa in blue

Kerrith’s graffiti quilt


My daughter’s quilt is the first one to be on show out of the graffiti quilts I made using Karlee Porter’s all over design.  I have written a review on the design.


Quilt in a day

quilt in a day

This quilt was made completely in one day, and you can read how to in the blog post.

Cats and bubbles

halloween quilt
Cat’s and bubbles

About this quilt

Macbeth and halloween.  Shakespeare’s “double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble” – describe the actions of casting the spell in the first line and boiling up a potion to make it work in the second, to ensnare Macbeth’s soul.

The cat embroidery designs are from Kara’s Kreations.

The design was a random one – I had embroidered the designs and then started putting the quilt together.  The appliqué “bubbles” were added to further the cauldron bubble idea, and I had the stunning fabric of witches and brooms in my stash.  From there it simply came together, and is a favourite in the house.  Proudly displayed on the pool table for visitors before they start their game.

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