Custom made quilts

Printed fabric and Whole cloth

Custom quilts

Quilting has been experiencing a revival in interior design and decor.  Many large linen companies are now offering whole cloth quilts at very reasonable prices.  However, these are mass-produced, the quilting is not always 100% and if you are looking for something a little more unique, you won’t find it in their ranges.

I hand dye my own fabric and create a custom design for you.

The printed quilt tops that I offer for sale on this website are available for quilting by myself.  Contact me for a quote, indicating your chosen quilt top.  The same service I offer my patchwork quilters is what I offer you with regard to printed quilt tops.  You buy the quilt top and we have a discussion about what you would like to see as an end result.

Memory quilts

Memory trees

have printed fabric designs that are perfect for memory quilts.  You choose your memory fabrics (from clothing to special crochet items) and I appliqué it to the fabric and then quilt it.  Embroidery can be added too.

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