Contact me and let’s work together on any of these:


It is always best to consult with me personally to get an accurate quote.  The information provided here is only a guideline, and I will give you an accurate price when I’ve seen and measured your quilt top.

  • Simple custom quilting @ R0,30 per square inch or R465 per square meter (blocks, sashing, borders)
  • Colour changes impact the price as does ruler work.  These can be discussed when I’ve seen your quilt top.

To determine a rough estimate using R0,30 / R465, measure the width and length of the quilt.

Width x length x cost

Quilt measured in inches
Width Length Price
60 80 R1440
Quilt measured in meters
Width Length Price
1.524 2.032 R1440

My price includes:

  • Batting (standard, lightweight, polyester)
  • Thread
  • Loading
  • Quilting time
  • Squaring your quilt post quilting (all excess fabric will be returned to you)

Please check the preparation requirements for quilting before committing, as your quilt will not have the best possible result unless you follow the preparation guidelines.

Taking the time to prepare your quilt according to the guidelines will ensure your quilt gets the royal treatment it deserves.

Thank you for understanding.

Quilts made to order

I have introduced a quilt making service limited to particular types of quilts.

Customized embroidery design

We can digitize an embroidery design for machine embroidery according to your requirements.  There are a few caveats attached to this:

  1. Copyright – you must provide consent from the original illustrator, licensing rights, or you must be the illustrator of the design.
  2. Your licensing rights must allow me to resell the design on this website.  Same rule applies here i.e. exclusivity comes at a price.

The price will be determined by the complexity of the design.  Please contact me directly at for a quote.  Please provide the illustration, proof that the illustration is either yours or you have the right to use the illustration for a design that will have commercial purposes.