longarm quilting

How to start quilting with rulers

With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to decide which quilting rulers to buy.  Over time you will collect many rulers but there are a few that will make creating quilt motifs with rulers a joy.

How to make cloth leaders

Cloth leaders for quilting machines? Yes, they’re those things that longarmers use to attach the quilt to so that we can roll it onto the bars. Thing is that these can get real dirty, real quick, and experience has taught me that the manufacturer ones shrink when you wash them! I’ll let you know what …

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Never ending lines

Creating designs using circles can have interesting results. Here are a few examples.

Dramatic effects with stencils

Quilt stencils have been a handy tool for quilters on both domestic and longarm machines for years. But do you choose details or frameworks?

Eye of the Storm

This quilt, called Storm, grew This quilt, called Storm grew from rulers and a blank canvas. My mood was also stormy, as I set myself up for a challenging hand sewing project and all the detail I decided to add. My ruler challenge created a stunning masterpiece that I did not expect to come from …

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Bring joy to an essential worker

We’re still in lockdown in South Africa, and personally, I have been struggling.  How have you been coping?  Do you have kids at home, young ones, older ones?  Are they doing their schoolwork?  I must admit that I am really lucky in that my kids are doing their schoolwork, and then enjoying the outdoors (we …

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Quilting on lines

Quilting on lines may seem intimidating to some quilters, heck, it even makes me all tense.  There are ways around this using tools that are available on the market.  In this video, I quilt the cockatoo that I traced from the printable available in the store. The rulers I use in this video are: Handi …

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