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The magic of starching your quilting fabric

A lot can be said about starching your fabric before cutting it for quilting and machine embroidery.  Many quilters prewash their fabric before they do any cutting – personally I don’t do this because I like the shrinkage you get after you’ve quilted the three layers. I do however starch my fabric as I’ve found […]

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appliqué designs

Appliqué designs for Quilting and Machine Embroidery

Let’s start with what is appliqué?  Appliqué is needlework where pieces of fabric in different shapes and patterns are sewn onto background fabric to form a picture or pattern. Embroidery machines make the art of appliqué substantially simpler, but a lot of quilters still prefer doing the handwork.  I have never been a fan of […]

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placemats for christmas

Placemats for Christmas

I’ve made some placemats for Christmas celebrations.  The designs used are “Folk Christmas Redwork” . The finished size of each placemat is approximately 13″ x 18″. Using the diagram, this is for 1 placemat: Fat quarter 1/8 yard 1/8 yard 1/8 yard 1/8 yard Using the diagram, cut the following for a single placemat: Square […]

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The story of Fuzzy Wuzzy

Bullying is a reality that we all grow up with, and we have bullies as adults as well.  Little ones struggle to understand the concept, and what to do about it. When I was making Fuzzy Wuzzy, my daughter told me about the latest attempts at bullying her at school.  The first time she was […]

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Double Wedding Ring Designs and tutorial

Here is an easy double wedding ring pattern and design.  The design is completely stitched out without any appliqué or patchwork, and you can then combine the blocks to create a beautiful quilt top.   The blocks used for this table runner is 8 x 8″.  The 5 x 7″ design will require more blocks to […]

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