Why you should doodle to improve your quilting

A lot of research has been done about muscle memory. It refers to your body’s ability to continue to develop cells in your muscles, based on previous use and training.

Attempt – a story

“Attempt” is another one of my story telling quilts.  I know, it’s only the second one – but hey, it’s telling a story! If you’re following me on social media, you would have seen a few mentions of the great hexagon project.  My daughter was spending some of her time during lockdown to cut out …

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Quilting Life 28 April 2020

It seems like this is turning into a bit of a log, you know like the log on Star Trek:  “This is captain whatever his name was from Starship Enterprise.  Its such and such a date and…” you get the idea.  Or like I suppose a lot of researchers are doing nowadays: “Today’s date, I’m …

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How tense is inktense on fabric

Inktense on fabric – what a load of fun! When I started with inktense pencils and blocks, I kinda felt a bit late to the party.  I mean, these things have been around for such a long time, where have I been? The advantage to arriving late to the party is that the inktense products …

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Quilting on lines

Quilting on lines may seem intimidating to some quilters, heck, it even makes me all tense.  There are ways around this using tools that are available on the market.  In this video, I quilt the cockatoo that I traced from the printable available in the store. The rulers I use in this video are: Handi …

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Appliqué on traced designs

Appliqué is one of those quilter passions that I believe we all enjoy.  There is some accuracy involved, but you can quickly and easily create a beautiful quilt top. In this video I show you how I used Magnificent Ellie Elephant to create an appliqué design by tracing the pieces of the traced pattern.  Try …

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